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Some see marketing as a merely commercial endeavor, but here at Tykoon, we see it as far more than that. For us, developing the full potential of brands and creators is a process we feel strongly passionate about. Getting this job done is a craft, and that’s why we count with a young and talented team of professionals who can take care of any of your creative needs.

Marketing consulting

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Every promotion campaign needs a winning strategy to get winning results! Let’s discuss your campaign, what your goals are, and let our team provide you with the best strategy for your campaign! 

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social Media

As the pioneers of this social media generation, we see common strengths, weaknesses, and room for improvements on brand social profiles all the time. Let’s audit yours and help you turn your page into a lead generation machine!

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Competitive Analysis

Are you interested in understanding what your niche competitors and successors are doing to be successful online? We specialize in conducting in-depth research on our client's competitors and revealing the “secret” to their social success to help you fine-tune your strategy and get better results, not the same!

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It’s vital for your organization’s branding to be relevant to your brand’s messaging and goals in order to reach a new audience. Proper branding drives competitive advantage customer loyalty. We assist in identifying your brand identity, tone, content pillars, and more! 



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Paid Advertising

Reach your ideal target audience on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube with paid advertising. 85% of businesses find new customers using online ads, Let’s discuss how your business can get new customers online today!

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Account Management

Let us operate your social media account on your behalf and implement our strategies, skillsets, and expertise to build your brand’s presence on social media. We’ll handle everything from content creation to scheduling your content! 

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Social Media Campaigns

Are you looking to build unique awareness around your campaign on social media? Let’s talk about the ideas we have to make your campaign memorable!



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Social Media Content Production 

As GenZers, we take pride in creating and sharing engaging, eye-catching, and quality content! Our trained graphic designers will provide you with the best content for your socials, brand, announcement, or release in a quick turnaround time! 

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Professional Photoshoots

Tired of the iPhone pictures? Let us upgrade your picture quality and capture some great shots for your brand, product, team, or yourself! ;)

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Short Video Creation

Short videos receive the highest engagement rates on social media. Let our content team help you bring your commercial, recap, ad, or short film to life!

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