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Phazzze Energy

Phazzze aka Blueysport aka Alex Krashinsky


is having its once-every-two-years kind of deluge. Everyone is confused. Streets are flooding, people are umbrella-less, the air is finally clean, and my car has gotten a long overdue wash.

Weaving through the Laurel Canyon down to an eclectic office building holding meme-epicenter PizzaSlime, stylist Danni Michelle, and a State Farm branch, is the now-studio residency of producer and artist Phazzze, real name Alex Krashinsky, aka multi-platinum producer Blueysport. Many names to cover all bases of a modern renaissance man. I’m being driven there by Cam, a mutual friend, and a rising star of A&R, fresh off of the Ty Dolla $ign project with Phazzze producing several tracks.

We meet outside in the rain like it's the Notebook. As he’s ashing out the ebbs of his cigarette, Phazzze flashes the friendliest smile LA could offer, and dishes out some fistbumps. Kitted out in a classic N.E.R.D. Trucker cap with a camo long sleeve and plain khakis riding above his black AF1s, he's as low-key as you can get without betraying just how bright eyed and energetic he is. His production credits under Blueysport range from Post Malone, Khalid, Ty Dolla $ign to Nicki Minaj & Danileigh. He's recently begun releasing his own personal music under Phazzze, and after securing a deal with LA based R&