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(Step-by-Step) How to Build a Profitable Online Drop Servicing Business

Online businesses have become one of the #1 LUCRATIVE businesses since the 21st century, and thousands of people are making six-figure incomes right from their homes with just a phone and a laptop. 

No experience. No certifications. No large investments 

start your online dropservicing business


One of these profitable business models in these times is Drop-servicing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve heard of it or not, because you’re about to learn at the end of this sentence.

Drop-servicing is a business model where you (freelancer/agency) sell services to customers at certain rates, and you outsource the service at a cheaper rate. The difference between the rate you presented to your customer and the rate at which you outsourced your service (at a cheaper rate) then becomes your profit.


Today, drop servicing is becoming the new top business model for young entrepreneurs and the go-to dropshipping alternative in the digital business space.

On average a new e-commerce company can expect to bring in just under $39,000 of revenue in their first month in business, and generate $6.5 million in total revenue after three years. I want us all to be apart of this number.

In this program, you will be guided through Step by step how to launch a profitable online drop servicing business and make a living online.  


A Million Dollar Mindset needed ($300 Value)

Steps to Starting An Online Dropservicing Business ($500 Value)

How to Start with No Investment ($100 Value)

 How to Identify the best Niche to offer service ($400 Value)

How to Source Clients for Your Business ($250 Value)

10+ BEST SERVICES TO SELL ($1000 Value)

Developing Credibility for your business ($200 Value)

Running your business with AND WITHOUT a website ($800 Value) 

Finding the best suppliers for your services ($600 Value)

$4,000/a month Strategy ($4000 Value)

Setting Service Delivery on Autopilot

$8,150 worth of information 

for $25 today only!

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There is no reason that your financial situation should be the same after this course. You will be learning what made me six figures from my phone at age 20. Everyone who has properly executed this method has made profits and didn’t spend a dime! So you should too! Completing this course will not only equip you with a way to make some cash but also an entrepreneurial mindset that can be used to accomplish everything in life.

This Program Is For You if: 

- Looking for a new way to make money (with big profit margins) without too many procedures or steps 

- You have a 9-5 job and you need more income streams 

- You don't have a service to sell but have a business mindset

- You want to make money from social media 

- You're determined to do what it takes to be financially free

- You're looking for a way to make money from home or anywhere you desire 

- You like to work on your own time

- You want to work ON your business and not IN your business 

- You're reading this page right now!


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Starting as a bank teller in high school, Peter "Gucci P" Iwuh, didn't want to continue waking up at 7 am every day to wear a suit and count other people's money . He saved his earnings and upon high school graduation, left his job and launched his creative marketing and dropshipping agency TYKOON that includes offers digital marketing, press, and content creation for brands and creatives. He wanted to be like roles his customers that answered: "I'm a CEO" when he questioned their occupation. 


P has been featured in Google News, Before They Were Famous, NBC, KAZI Mag, Voyage LA, and Moboombox. P has grown his company to a 6-figure company and over 16,000+ followers on Instagram, 17,000 followers on the Tykoon page, and 30,000 followers on TikTok.  

‭In October of 2020, VICE Media & The Media Prince selected P as one of the "DMV's 35 Under 35" which highlights 35 people under the age of 35 who have made an impact in the D.C Maryland, Virginia marketing scene. P was the youngest nominee on the list of 35 winners.

Have YOU ever visioned yourself making money with your cellular device while sitting in the comfort of your home or maybe on an island for vacation? Working on YOUR OWN time, as long or short as YOU please. No approval needed! Only YOU determine when the workday starts and ends. One thing for certain is that everyday money is being deposited into your bank account and you’re able to pay your bills, help your family, and buy both your needs and wants.

Well, that is about to become reality once you finish reading! NO MATTER YOUR AGE... YOU CAN DO IT!


Can't wait for you to hear what I have to share! WAITING FOR YOU AT THE OTHER!

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