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Spotify Playlisting

Looking to organically grow your Spotify streams? Tykoon will pitch and place you on multiple large following playlists to grow your Spotify fanbase! With this specific service you can expect stream growth of over 10,000+ and placements with followers of OVER 100,000!  You won't become Pooh Shiesty over night, but you will grow a new group of listeners Worldwide!  FUN FACT: The more independent playlists you're added on, the more chances you have to land in editorial playlists! TEST US AND SEE.


  • 100% Organic


How it works?
- You send us your music and tier interested 

- We then send it to all curators based on genre 

- The curators that like your music will add It to their playlist

- We will send you links to playlist your song is added on

- Watch the streams grow!

Spotify Playlisting

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