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Cxldface Can't Quit

The more of Cxldface I get, the more I jump on the team. The Vegas native hasn't stopped the grind with two features that we'll be covering. First up is a single with Live Solum. Cxldface is the standout performance, punchy lines, deviating with some depth in the lyrics, but ultimately keeping the beat going.

"Never Sober Again" is the first video Cxldface has been in to be directed with the Overcast AZ family, spearheaded by the undeniable genius of Daniel Jordan. The visuals are cohesive, bouncing between glitchy room jumps and vintage TV shots that look like an old MTV piece. Although the verse delivery from Live Solum is solid, but the delivery from Cxldface holds the song together and the hook is great. The bass rips and at just under 2 minutes, the song is the definition of concise.

I'm all on board with cxldface, and for an act that's just creeping up, we're eager to witness more.

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