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Faded Flex & Mike Da Plug join forces on a new collaboration: Vibing.

Faded Flex and Mike Da Plug recently joined forces to release a new single: “Vibing.” This track combines old-school vibes with a modern rap twist, and it is a perfect way for these artists to showcase their talent, making for a true one-of-a-kind and distinctive flow. Hailing from Baltimore, these two rappers have been through some challenging times (Including Mike’s battle with cancer), but in spite of how many curveballs life might throw at them, they’re still going strong, refusing to give up on their dreams and continuing to deliver quality music to the audience. As a result of their hard-hitting sound and unique formula, these rappers have become quite known throughout Baltimore, but not only. Thanks to the reach of the Internet, dear music is expanding globally, finding new fans everywhere. “Vibing” is a perfect addition to their discography. The song has a slow-paced, heavy-sounding beat with deep bass tones and a huge melodic flow that still allows the rhythm to stand out. More importantly, the vocal performances are absolutely top-notch. There is so much attitude to the delivery, and the verses stand out especially, tipping the hat off to ico

nic artists such as Lil Wayne, Nas, Rick Ross, and many more. It is not surprising to see that this single is doing quite well, with over 12.000 plays on Spotify alone! Good things happen when artists stay true to themselves, and this definitely happens to be the case here, as they keep climbing the ladder toward the top of the rap music scene. If you are interested in rap artists who write music that relates to their lives and personal experiences, this is definitely for you. This is only the beginning, as the future looks incredibly bright for these two talented rap artists who are ready to take on the world with their personal views on hip-hop.

The production features a very extensive and punchy sound, which adds more to the unique flow of this re

Find out more about Faded Flex & Mike Da Plug, and listen to “Vibing” on your favorite digital streaming platforms.



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