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Las Vegas. From the city that brought you The Killers, Panic! At the Disco, and classic noir gangster films, comes a sharp punk-pop act, 18-year old Cxldface, with the track "Commas and O's". While being catchy in and of itself, the video has a clever air of ironic self-awareness as Cxldface circles in a Target shopping cart bragging about his deep pockets.

The Spanish guitar pattern with trap drums is neatly accented by videography inspired by the glitchy aesthetic of the 90's home video and Malcolm in the Middle, part of the blossoming movement of rap-influenced punk.

For a recent come-up act, especially one out of the normal sphere of LA and New York based artists, cxldface brings solid chops to the table, and we're eager to see where the young artist takes his sound in the future

Socials: Instagram // Youtube // Twitter



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