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Dear Diary: Saint Montana

Saint Montana, where did he come from? Where will he go?

We're not sure just yet, but the Rap-pop singer falls neatly in with familiar sounds from Ian Dior, XXXTENTACION, and Juice WRLD. His newly dropped track, Dear Diary, follows a stripped down guitar instrumental, as does most of his current discography. The 15 year old artist hails from Kenya, but has been based out of the UK for the last few years, between Scotland and England. Rumors are he has a wife and child, but the evidence is not yet solidified.

The dropped video and song are reminiscent of Taylor Swift's recent visual palette, homegrown 8mm film. It's a tried and true system, pulling on the heart strings just so, with a self directed video and touching lyrics that pulls through even some of the more obscure artists. The video reminds me of some of the great Johnny Goth's clips. For now, this is the only video for Saint Montana, but we'll keep in mind when he puts out some more material.



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