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DMV Artist Spotlight: L Muncy

L Muncy is an upcoming DMV artist representing Palmer Park, Landover Hills, on Muncy Rd (for which he is named). He has been writing since 15 years old and has always had an affinity for creativity and art.

L Muncy believes in music as true artistry and puts his heart and soul into every track and every bar. He tries to set himself apart from rappers that over-value materialistic things like fancy cars and money by placing the value in the art and quality of the music he creates.

His most recent releases “Heavenly” and “SuperStar” feature melodic beats with trap undertones and his marvelous flow that demonstrates consistent wordplay and relatable themes.

He is currently putting the icing on the cake that is his next major project “NFL (N*gga From Landover). Official release date is still TBD.

“Every artist does get their shine. Even though competition is always fun, you shouldn’t focus on that. When you focus on you and your music and building your fanbase, you can soar man” he says.

L Muncy is self-motivated as well as by his inner circle and core fanbase that genuinely believes in his talent.

“Music doesn't just have one sound or one crowd, everyone has a story to tell. If you want to make music, and you have the talent to do so, what’s really stopping you?”

Officially, L Muncy is a recording artist, but plans to branch out into entrepreneurship in the form of a clothing line, which he plans to name “Factsamillie”.

Stylized by the acronym “F.A.M.”, L Muncy says it's nothing short of a coincidence that the name of his future brand is represented by the short version of “family”. He is a family man through and through and believes that his brand, partnered with his music, will make fans feel like part of the family.

He also has his sights on executive producing an anime style cartoon that caters to the black community in the future, as well as bringing back the arcade scene that so many of us grew up with.

L Muncy is definitely one of the faces in the DMV to watch out for in the near future. All of the links to his official website, Instagram, Spotify, etc. can be found below.

Feel free to check out his music and stay connected with him via Instagram! You won’t be disappointed.

Twitter: @cloud7muncy



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