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Sandman gme and bandhunta jugg drop hot new single

Upcoming rapper from Dover, Delaware, Sandman GME, recently dropped a new single with popular rapper Bandhunta Jugg, titled “Ghost Busters”. The single was released on March 4, 2021 with a music video shot and edited by YPC Films that is currently available on YouTube.

Bandhunta Jugg has recently dropped projects titled “JuggToTrill” and “Ill Go Straight Bacc” while Sandman GME currently has a few singles released like “Backshots”, “Pain In My Chest”, and the most recent “Ghost Busters”

Speaking of, “Ghost Busters” flaunts a classic DMV-inspired flow from both artists, with Sandman on the hook and first verse and Jugg closing with the second verse. Sandman says the message of the song is that “non-factors and irrelevant people talk about others that are more successful than them”.