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Dmv SPotlight: Different Breed

What makes a brand “different”? Is it the logo? The underlying messages? The materials used? Or is it the motivation the owner had to build the brand in the first place? You know the team at Tykoon LOVES Black owned businesses, especially those based at home in the DMV.

“Different Breed” is a brand that embodies unique street style and functionality while also promoting unity and positivity in the community. Founded by Mr. Williams in 2016, Different Breed has released a wide variety of clothing ranging from tee-shirts and zip polos to hoodies and tracksuits.

These designs are custom-order and are tailored to the customers design preference, with an unlimited variety of colors, sizes, and details like goldfoil print and 3M reflective materials (available upon request).

Everything fits true to size and is made of high quality cotton and vinyl that guarantees a long life and comfortable fit, wear after wear. The brand is best recognized by its stylized lion logo on the side of the hoodies and mirrored lettering.

Different Breed has already garnered attention from dmv celebrities like Davy Ruffin and Terry “Goofy” Jones.

Styles are also updated and improved constantly, so there’s no telling what the brand will drop next, especially with the changing of the seasons. Make sure to grab a piece for every occasion!

If the quarantine has taught us nothing, it has proven that support within the community is crucial to our livelihood.

Why waste money on designer clothing when you have neighbors, friends, and brothers like Mr. Williams making high quality clothing for a fraction of the price?

Let’s circulate our precious dollars back into the community!

The best way to reach out and order a garment from Different Breed brand is via Instagram Direct Message. Make sure to include your desired size, color scheme, and premium materials like goldfoil and 3M.

Tell him Keno sent you.



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