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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

TALL. GIRL. MAGIC. This is the phrase that DMV-based fashion icon Lucky Daniels has adopted as the staple for her brand, Skye Rose Designs. Model, blogger, writer, YouTuber, podcast curator, and serial entrepreneur, it is an understatement that Lucky wears multiple hats.

Lucky established the “DMV Tall Girls Club” that is a group based around the empowerment and support of tall women worldwide. She says that she always dealt with self esteem issues centered around her height and being the “tallest in the room”, and wanted to build a network of strong women that face similar issues.

She started writing motivational quotes on a wall and one day “tall girl magic” popped into her head. Shortly after, she decided she wanted to see that on a shirt, and Skye Rose Designs was born!


Skye Rose Designs was founded in 2017 during Lucky’s junior year of college at UDC. This brand boasts the iconic “Tall Girl Magic” slogan as well as other slogans like “No I did not get any taller” and “It’s Just Legs”.

As a model, Lucky has also ripped the runway with the illustrious House of LaBeija and has also been a prominent leader in the UDC Modeling Club (now called Fire Xtinguish’d).

Lucky also runs a podcast called “A Tall Life” on Anchor by Spotify (links below). The best way to engage with her is via Instagram (links below). If you know anyone that can benefit from networking with the multi-talented Lucky Daniels, feel free to contact her!


A Tall Life Podcast:

Tall Girl Magic Website/ Online Store:



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