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SyKo is #BrooklynBloodPop!

In and amongst the multitude of "viral" hits that have been birthed from the ceaseless machine that is Tiktok, there are a few creators that have genuinely had success on the platform. SyKo is one of those few. His hyper-pop/EDM driven track, "#BrooklynBloodpop!", has scorched through numerous online communities, from Call of Duty, to Cat E-Girls.

The song itself is obviously catchy, if not one of the more emblematic internet tracks, full of inserted references and audio clips. After rising to the top of Spotify's Viral 50 chart, and a few remixes, Syko still hangs onto just over 3 million monthly listeners, and a few songs with rising stars like Glaive. With the tempermentality of the online community and many legions of one-hit-wonders, we're watching to see if the newly christened musician can continue to produce heavy hitters.