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The Many Sides of Tyra Baby

For the people in the back, Tyra Baby, an upcoming artist representing Baltimore has been rising from the ashes of past hardships and releasing music that everyone can relate to.

Recent Bowie State graduate, Tyra Baby is an entrepreneur, dancer, and hustler that is utilizing her multiple talents to skyrocket her career.

Tyra started by playing multiple instruments, usually playing by sight and developing her artistic ear. She used this to translate to using her voice as an instrument. Working diligently to define her sound and expand her reach, she started making music in 2018. She notes Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, and Jazmine Sullivan as her biggest influences. As an old-soul, Tyra Baby has applied the stylings of these artists to her own musical persona in order to appeal to the demographics that she believes will enjoy it.

Tyra Used dance to put herself through school and also as a means of stress relief and expression. her dance name is Stalli (short for Stallion), and online persona name as Thebratti.

Being very open-minded and free-spirited, she recognizes that there is a risk in dancing and doing NSFW work. However, Tyra believes that this exposure will ultimately benefit her career by putting her name and face out there for all to see. As the old saying goes “all publicity is good publicity”.

Starting her dancing career in 2019, Tyra Baby has developed an adoration for dancing and the amount of pure stress relief and peace it brought her. She says “even when I couldn’t write or record, I would go to the strip club just to be around music and other like minded individuals”. She then went on to add that some of her associates asked “when are you going to make a banger for the club or a stripper girl anthem?” and it clicked; this would be great marketing and those people can be her core demographic.

Her main goal is to be able to sync up every aspect of her life from dancing to singing to being a public figure in general, so that when all the stars align, no T is left uncrossed and no I is left undotted.

Tyra Baby recently dropped an EP “Rad & Bougie”, singles “Garden of Eden” and “Get the Bag” on all streaming platforms. She also plans to release a full album that is currently being finalized and mastered.

She also Just started a modeling career as another form of self expression and will be collaborating with upcoming brands from the dmv very soon. Follow her on her socials in order to stay up to date!

IG: @whoistyrababy._ TikTok: @thebratti



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