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EXCLUSIVE: Nasty C - The Zulu Man with Some Power - Album Review/Q&A

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We had an amazing opportunity to catch up with South African Def Jam talent, Nasty C to get a slight exclusive look into his new project “Zulu Man With Some Power” released today on all platforms. With appearances from T.I., Lil Keed, Ari Lennox, and others, this project is definitely a piece that a true music lover can’t afford to miss. 

The South African rapper provided us with an extensive look into his life story and journey from Durban, South Africa through a documentary premiered on Apple Music. It covered his hardships, experiences, and tribulations that he went through to get to his global status.

From this project Nasty C tells us that his message is to:

Be a king of whatever world you find yourself in. Recognize what you’re in, or what you’re getting into and be the king of it.” 

He also points out in his art cover, if you look closely you’ll see different animals that all lookup and praise him as the king in his world. 

From the 20- track project we’ll just give our take on a few favorites so you can hear the rest and tell us what you think! Make sure you read towards the end to find out what track is Nasty C’s favorite! 


King Shit

“Pass me the torch and I carry it clean” .

This track, is definitely one that welcomed us into the project with quite spectacular and unique sounds that makes it quite hard to sit still while playing (the whole project actually) because of the different experiences brought upon one while listening. The song was pretty calming with it’s beautiful trumpets & melodies in the beginning. Nasty wanted the first track to give the vibe of the cover and project as a whole. 

Bookoo Bucks 

“My name in they mouth like it’s Colgate”

With many of his favorite artists coming from ATL, it was only right Nasty joined forces with ATL natives Lil Keed, Lil Got It, and producer ATL Jacobs. This track is one for the books! With a nice fusion of ATL sound with the creativity of Nasty’s sounds resulted in a high- energy standout hit from the project.


“Everything looks simple because y’all looking from the outside”

This track shows the versatility of Nasty the most in our opinion. Here you notice the both the lyrical and singing skillsets possessed by Nasty at it’s highest level. The beat selection was insane and don’t be surprised if your head can't stop bopping to this one!

La Vida Loca 

This song definitely fits your viral Tik Tok track category and is another track that highlights the uniqueness of Nasty. Nice song to listen to with the squad! The production is A1 and as he says in the track “money pulling me from both sides” you can definitely expect to feel a similar feeling while jamming to this track! You’ll also catch the common switch of flows in this one too!

Nasty told us if he could pick one track , this one is his favorite! 

Black & White

Make sure you grab your significant other for this one! This track came with a very special surprise American Singer, Ari Lennox. This track welcomes listeners with a unique bass and was packaged with a lot of storytelling, lyricism, and old school vibe honing the listeners into the track. This had to be one of our favorites. Hope it’s yours too!

Be sure to check out the project here:



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