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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Who is Rina B? Born and raised in the DMV, this multifaceted, Latin-American entrepreneur/musician has been creating since the age of 3. She has an extensive repertoire of songs varying from party jams to smooth ballads; all of which showcase her amazing voice and excellent range. Rina also oversees the advocacy collective The Elevated EXP (@theelevatedexp), that empowers local business owners, musicians, and artists by creating a platform that allows us to give back and elevate together. However, Rina’s most recent work comes in the form of a rendition of “Suicidal” by YNW Melly and the late Juice WRLD.

Since YNW Melly dropped his "Melly vs. Melvin" album, “Suicidal” immediately became Rina's favorite track off the project. Juice WRLD’s feature on the remix of the song was the icing on the cake that made Rina fall in love with it. Anyone that has fallen in and out of love would agree that it can make you do crazy things and experience feelings that Melly & Juice expressed on this track. Heart break comes in many ways, & when Rina heard Melly's side of the story, she knew she had to share the women's side as well. Rina took a very interesting approach by having a short skit with a plot twist in the music video so make sure you don’t miss it!

“Suicidal” rendition by Rina B is dropping on ALL platforms on February 14th, click the Pre-Save link below to stay up to date.

Pre-Save Link:




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